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Leo is my go-to when it comes to plotting and planning my books. In her editorial assessments, she has such insightful feedback and her ideas make my plotlines richer, juicier, and more polished. I honestly can't imagine plotting a book without her! She knows how to take your writing to the next level, and will push you to deliver the best possible version of your story. She also has a keen eye as a proofreader and copy editor. Punctuation, consistency, and sentence structure are particularly strong areas of expertise for her. She will make sure your manuscript is free of errors and written beautifully.

Book: Diary of a Deity Series
I've been working with her for a few months and can honestly say I will never look elsewhere again for a beta, proofreader or editor. Her advice and feedback has been invaluable. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge but she is genuinely a wonderful person. I can honestly say she cares about her clients and their work. If you're lucky enough to secure a spot with this woman...GRAB IT!! Can't recommend her services enough. Leo...you're the cream of the crop.

Book: The Power Of Us
I am nothing short of amazed with Leo! She was very professional and helped improve my writing substantially! She takes on the project as if it were her own and doesn’t all say any piece to fall short of perfection. She was a delight to work with and I value the friendship we created throughout the experience. 
The cover art and interior formatting were also very well done. They worked with me to create my dream cover and helped me out in a time of need. I am very thankful for the proficiency in a hard time with a release date approaching fast. 
I truly recommend their services if you are looking for professional and outstanding results!

Book: Desperate Measures: Project Rose

I hired Leoneh to beta read one of my romance novels. I've worked with many betas and editors over time, and Leoneh's enthusiasm from the start was a breath of fresh air. She brought a vibrant energy to her communication and her work, which made her a pleasure to converse with. I was struggling with meeting a tight deadline, and there were times I had questions for her, but Leoneh made it easy to reach out and always ensured to respond in a quick and consistent manner that put me at ease. She left some comments throughout the manuscript which was nice to see, but for me, the most valuable part of her feedback was in the final report where she provided a break down of the characters, pacing, development, and more. Her feedback in this report was thorough and clearly well thought-out. She also offered some fresh perspectives with regards to things that could be improved upon and ways to strengthen the manuscript, and she was even able to help with the Spanish words and phrases in the ms (going above and beyond by offering cultural insights as well). I recommend hiring Leoneh if you're looking for someone enthusiastic, prompt with communication, and whose dedication is reflected in their in-depth character analysis and their final report.

Book: Liar, Liar. .

I had a very good experience with The Book’s

Savant. The cover design was high-quality and exactly what I had in mind. The editing was extremely helpful, pointing out not just typos and spelling mistakes, but also plot holes and story issues. The formatting of both the Kindle and the paperback version was professional-quality. I can highly recommend these services!

Book: Blood Feud: A Punk Rock Vampire Story

Leoneh is a skilled Editor/Beta Reader who helped me with me 90k word Western-Romance novel. She read through my manuscript more than once, identified parts that didn't make sense, provided helpful suggestions for improving those sections, and was thoughtful in both her positive and critical feedback. Her turn-around was good and she responded quickly when I had questions. Leoneh provided a thorough report on my manuscript separately from the comments she left on the Google Docs version. Between the two, she did a wonderful job of highlighting both the strengths and the weaknesses of the story, while respectfully suggesting how I could improve certain areas. Her help has been invaluable, and I absolutely hope to work with her on my next project!

Book: Hale Fire
I've worked recently with Leo and she is an amazing person to work with. Her suggestions, comments and feedback are honest and really helpful. She is both positive and supportive and critical and says it as it is, which, let's face it, if you really want to be successful, that is exactly what you need. She was extremely focused and has really helped me (and continues to) lift my vampire novel to a new level. Leo also possesses a lot of expertise in other areas that she has brought to my work. I cannot recommend her enough and, having had such a successful and positive working relationship with her (which has developed into a friendship) from day one, I shall continue to work with her into the future.

Book: Vampire's Key

I asked Leo to do an Assessment of mymanuscript, and she was amazing, it saved me so much time and highlighted the issues it had. I will definitely use this great service again.  

Book: Incantations
Leoneh is a very efficient and professional proofreader/beta reader/editor. She gave excellent feedback with the Story Assessment she did. It was thorough and revealed things in my story/plot/characters that I needed to hear or was not aware of. She also gave me a chapter by chapter assessment which pointed out grammar flaws and story holes that I missed specific to each chapter as well as to the body as a whole. She input her reactions to the story's actions inside the comments on the Google Doc which is wonderful. Places where she laughed, teared up, or got angry reassured me the emotions that the reader may feel. Leoneh has a very friendly and positive work ethic that pairs wonderfully with her professionalism. I recommend Leo and The Book’s Savant Editorial Services for any needs that an author may seek. They will get a thorough, personable, and effective critique with quick turnaround.
Leoneh was amazing. Her notes were easy to understand and very concise, clearly showing me where I needed to improve. Not only did she help me a lot in polishing my work but it was in no time! Before I knew it, I had her edited and proofread whereas I would've waited weeks to get it from others (I know from experience). If you want your manuscript to have much better prose, better grammar and a less mistakes - plot holes as well - she is the person. Thanks Leo!
Working with Leo has been an absolute joy. When she offered to do a Beta-Reading of my novel it wasn't even finished yet, and some things were rougher than others, but she took on the job like a pro. Why I'm so happy with her? Leoneh is patient, respectful, EXTREMELY HONEST, considerate and articulate when giving feedback. By the end of the service, she provided me with the most structured and thorough feedback I have received to date. Apart from the comprehensive final evaluation, she also gave me feedback as she read for each chapter. She points out inconsistencies, character and story development (hereunder plot and conflicts), pacing, setting/worldbuilding and even provides little funny comments inside the Google Doc that you share with her, like what made her laugh or get teary, her favorite characters and some lines that stood out to her. What I also liked was apart from her useful feedback is how she’s ready to answer all your questions. Working with Leoneh, it’s clear that she takes this very seriously and strives to give whoever she works with the absolute best and then a little more. She leaves no rock unturned, and when she points out something that doesn't work, she does it so gently through suggestions, and it leaves you with this sense of gumption, like, 'hey, I can do this! I got this!' My novel has changed for the better and I'm so happy I found her.

All in all, Leo rocks!