Proofreading is THE LAST STEP before the book goes out to the public, so the Proofreader will receive the final manuscript when it has gone through all the edits and beta-reading. The file should be well organized, well written, and easy to understand. In a few words: you send your manuscript to a proofreader to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

   What can you expect a proofreader to fix?

  • Subject-verb agreement problems,
  • Incorrect word choices,
  • Improper punctuation usage,
  • Incorrect spelling,
  • Formatting and typographical errors,
  • They make sure the document adheres to the chosen style guide.


$0.010 per word

($10 per 1000 words)

$0.0075 per word

($7.5 per 1000 words)