Cover Design

Designing a book cover is not an easy task. Also, as much as it has cost you and how difficult it is, you have faith in yourself as a writer, and after one or two positive literary reports, you are sure that the time has come to edit your manuscript and put it up for sale. You trust, therefore, that the time and effort invested in writing, proofreading, and polishing your manuscript will translate into satisfied readers at the end of the process.

That will only happen if they buy the book and before that happens, inescapably… they have to look at it.

The contact of potential readers with your book will be through the design of covers.

And in a world where the offer is gigantic, where readers get hundreds of results with a simple online search, designing a book cover cannot go unnoticed.

On the contrary, a good cover design, one that’s adequate, with a hook and that catches the attention of the potential reader, is proof of someone prone to details. It’s proof of professionalism; it will tell the reader that the content will probably also be taken care of.

A cover like this has many more possibilities of arousing the desire of the reader, who will feel the need to own your book to know more about what it contains. Above all, it will let the reader know that you have taken a lot of care in the content of your work.


E-book Cover

Economy (2 revisions): $85. Premium (7 revisions): $120

E-book and Paperback Cover

Economy (2 revisions): $140 Premium (7 revisions): $200