Copy Editing​

Quoting Wikipedia “Copy editing (also copyediting) is the process of revising written material to improve readability and fitness for its purpose, as well as ensuring that it is free of grammatical and factual errors.”

So, what can you expect from a copyedit?

  • Grammar,
  • Spelling,
  • Style,
  • Punctuation issues.

 All of that is done BEFORE your manuscript is prepared for proofreading.

Please have in mind that a copy editor may also do a rewrite, if necessary, to fix problems related to

  • Transitions,
  • Wordiness,
  • Jargon,
  • To ensure the style of the piece fits with the publication.

Copy Editing​

$0.014 per word

($14 per 1000 words)

$0.0105 per word

($10.5 per 1000 words)