Book Formatting

Formatting or designing the interior of a book is a problem faced by many writers who choose to self-publish.

The layout consists of arranging the original text throughout the book so that its reading is fluid and balanced, choosing the type of font, the line spacing, and the measurements of the text boxes. Your book, in addition to being good, has to look like it, a book with a neglected and poorly designed appearance will create rejection, it will seem like a low-quality product, and it will not get the reader hooked.

At The Book’s Savant, we offer the service of laying out a balanced template that arranges the texts and images, and that correctly manages the contents. Also, to achieve the best reading experience, we choose the appropriate typeface, as well as the separations between syllables, words, tracking, etc. and control of italics, small caps, numerals, etc. We also control word partitioning and orphan and widow lines.


E-book Formatting

$ 120.00

E-book and Paperback Formatting

$ 150.00