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Book Formatting

Formatting or designing the interior of a book is a problem faced by many writers who choose to self-publish.

The layout consists of arranging the original text throughout the book so that its reading is fluid and balanced, choosing the type of font, the line spacing, and the measurements of the text boxes. Your book, in addition to being good, has to look like it, a book with a neglected and poorly designed appearance will create rejection, it will seem like a low-quality product, and it will not get the reader hooked.

At The Book’s Savant, we offer the service of laying out a balanced template that arranges the texts and images, and that correctly manages the contents. Also, to achieve the best reading experience, we choose the appropriate typeface, as well as the separations between syllables, words, tracking, etc. and control of italics, small caps, numerals, etc. We also control word partitioning and orphan and widow lines.


E-book Formatting

$ 120.00

E-book and Paperback Formatting

$ 150.00

Cover Design

Designing a book cover is not an easy task. Also, as much as it has cost you and how difficult it is, you have faith in yourself as a writer, and after one or two positive literary reports, you are sure that the time has come to edit your manuscript and put it up for sale. You trust, therefore, that the time and effort invested in writing, proofreading, and polishing your manuscript will translate into satisfied readers at the end of the process.

That will only happen if they buy the book and before that happens, inescapably… they have to look at it.

The contact of potential readers with your book will be through the design of covers.

And in a world where the offer is gigantic, where readers get hundreds of results with a simple online search, designing a book cover cannot go unnoticed.

On the contrary, a good cover design, one that’s adequate, with a hook and that catches the attention of the potential reader, is proof of someone prone to details. It’s proof of professionalism; it will tell the reader that the content will probably also be taken care of.

A cover like this has many more possibilities of arousing the desire of the reader, who will feel the need to own your book to know more about what it contains. Above all, it will let the reader know that you have taken a lot of care in the content of your work.


E-book Cover

Economy (2 revisions): $85. Premium (7 revisions): $120

E-book and Paperback Cover

Economy (2 revisions): $140 Premium (7 revisions): $200


Mockups are photomontages that allow our designs to be applied in different schemes and environments; This allows the designer and the customer to have a better idea of what the product will look like in final production. Mockups or mock ups give a strong visual impact when presenting your designs, be it logos, magazine, brochure or a web page, thus saving assembly time and printing costs.

What you will receive:

  • Five Complete Promotional Mock-ups with appropriate backgrounds and lettering. (JPG Files)

Ten PNG mockups WITHOUT BACKGROUND for your personal use


The Banner is an advertising format quite present on the Internet, not to say that it is the one with the most presence. It is a piece of graphic content advertising that is introduced into any online portal to give visibility to a brand, business or campaign of any kind and can be both static and dynamic. Variety is one of the most important facets of banners, especially thanks to the possibilities offered by the web in this regard.

The main purpose of a banner is advertising. Its purpose is none other than to show visitors to one or more web pages’ specific content, which is promoted with greater visibility than the rest of the elements of the online portal where it is placed. It may be to promote an event, to Publicize a new business or even to show something that may be of special interest to the user who enters a site.

What you will receive:

  • One JPG File
  • One Tiff File

$120 ( 3 revisions)


Your author logo is a vital piece of your professional image. It is the hallmark by which your potential customers will identify your brand on all occasions. Our logo is our reference image.

Something with which our clients will be able to identify us in different contexts and allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition. It is an image in which we try to “hook” the characteristics that define us as an author, that helps us build our identity and that sends a message to the world about what we do and how we do it.

Many times we do not recognize the due importance of logo design. The logo design should be a considered decision as it will be our final presentation letter.

Files that will be received:

  • A PDF document with your branding:
    • Color Palette.
    • Fonts.
    • Elements.
    • Three versions of your logo.
  • JPG:
    • One with black background and colorful letters.
    • One with black background and white letters.
    • One with white background and colorful letters.
    • One with white background and black letters.
  • TIFF:
    • Without a background with white letters.
    • Without a background with colorful letters.
    • Without a background with black letters.
  • PNG:
    • Without a background with white letters.
    • Without a background with colorful letters.

Without a background with black letters.

$200 (4 revisions)

Author’s Website

$ 600.00

Additional to presenting complete and detailed information about yourself and your work as an author, a website will capture the attention of your readers with a combination of images, animation, and interactivity.

The package is designed to give your readers, practically and efficiently, information about your news, books, upcoming releases, and promotions, so that the website serves as a form of contact for its visitors.

Nowadays, it is no longer a luxury to have a website. If you want to have an Internet presence and increase the sales of a particular product, you need a website.

web desing the books savant
  • Web design
  • Web design adapted to mobile
  • Google positioning
  • Link with Social Networks
  • Detailed statistics
  • Internet optimized code
  • Domain registration
  • Image slider
  • Periodic endorsements of the Website
  • CMS WordPress Platform
  • Next generation server
  • High on the main search engines
  • 5 GB storage
  • Domain name extension .com
  • Creation of Social Networks (fACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, LINKEDIN)
  • One Popup 
  • Self-Administered Website
  • Contact Form
  • Dynamic Website
  • Records in Databases
  • Up to 20 images
  • Location on Google Maps
  • Corporate emails
  • Support and training
  • Site Protection
  • SSL Security Certificate